Grand Theft Auto 5 – Nvidia GTX 970 SLI benchmark 1440p resolution

I’ve been playing GTA 5 recently and decided to benchmark the game to see how my GTX 970’s in SLI performed.

The game has mostly High / Very High settings.

PC Spec

CPU: AMD FX-9590 (8-core / 4.7GHz)
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth FX990 R2.0
Ram: Kingston HyperX 32GB (4x8GB) 1600 DDR (KHX16C9T3K2/16X)
Graphics cards: 2x Nvidia GTX 970 (SLI mode)

grand theft auto 5 gta nvidia gtx 970 sli benchmarkI thought overall benchmark score was good until saw some reviews of the latest pascal generation perform – a single GTX 1080 blows away my trusty GTX 970‘s in SLI.

Investigating the low fps issue (CPU)

I thought perhaps CPU was a bottleneck but if you look at the graph below, the spike at the beginning is the CPU barely hit 100% when the GTA 5 benchmark ran.


grand theft auto 5 gta amd fx 9590 benchmark

So in conclusion

I’m not going to upgrade my graphics cards yet – so far a majority of my games run with decent playable frame rate around 50-100fps on average. It also helps and makes a massive difference that I have a Dell S2716DG 144Hz G-Sync gaming monitor – there is no frame rate micro stutter so when FPS does drop below 60, it doesn’t appear to show ‘jerky’ frames.

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