Bug – Magento 2 Mini Cart

There is currently a mini-cart bug in the latest release of Magento – at time of writing which is Community Edition 2.1.2.

What is it

When you add an item to your cart from anywhere on the website, be it a listing page, product page or widget, the mini-cart  will not update.. regardless of theme (Luma, default, 3rd party carts that use the default cart templates). However your Magento store will confirm the item was added to the cart in the green message bar:

Magento 2 Mini cart bug

Who does it affect

This bug should only affect developers who are running their development environment without caching enabled. Yes, you read that correctly. When you disable cache, the mini-cart does not update as expected.

Temporary fix

The obvious as described above is to enable all the caches.

Long term fix

I have been following this issue for a while now without any indication of an official fix being released. Here is the bug on Github


Somebody has applied their own hotfix but that has not been tested or committed yet:



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