Magento Hosting – Rackspace or Peer1 or Sonassi or …

I did write quite a lot.. but just figured it would be easier to wrap this up in a few sentences.

Don’t waste your time looking around or researching (though do your due diligence)… if you were to ask me who I would recommend for hosting your Magento website, I would not hesitate to say Sonassi.

Sonassi - Magento hosting

I had a bit of experience dealing with Peer1, Rackspace, UKFast (not so much) & diy (VPS, lesser dedicated hosting etc) – and whilst all these companies have amazing employees with extensive knowledge when it comes to hosting and offering support when something goes wrong, I couldn’t recommend them over Sonassi for Magento hosting, period.

  1. They are the fastest
  2. They truly are a Magento hosting expert

Sonassi will go the extra mile instead of this typical scenario:

Client: I want more ram to make my website faster.

Host: OK that’s £100 extra month, we could throw in an extra CPU for £300 if you like?


Sonassi scenario:

Client: I want more ram, man.

Sonassi: Hmm why do you want more ram?

Client: Some online guru said it would make my site faster.

Sonassi: Probably not and here’s why…

The point is Sonassi will go the extra mile.

They are definitely not a cash grabbing host that will take your money without question.

Disclosure: I don’t work for Sonassi – my current employer switched over to them a while back so I’ve had a reasonable opportunity to judge them as a hosting company based on performance, service and their expertise. Did I say they were Magento hosting experts? I think you get the picture.

I’m a Magento developer (if it wasn’t obvious?) and I love messing around with server config… hence I’m stoked to have come across a host who knows Magento, as well as how to run a ‘properly fast’ Magento environment.

Check them out for more information

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