Magento – Developer System Optimisations (Linux)

So you’ve tried and testing the development routes “I know, I’ll run Magento from my USB drive” to “Hmm maybe my spare computer can act as a server?”… and probably moaned about the lack of speed. As much as we love Magento there is no denying it’s quite slow. It’s database heavy and your puny i7 is not up to the job… unless, of course you like things to progress sloooowly.

I’m guessing you either have your own virtual server on the interwebs’ or went out and purchased yourself a second hand server like me?!? Regardless of your shiny and powerful developer system, you still probably noticed something, magento is still slow!!

Here are a couple of tweaks I have done to my server(Linux) to speed it up just a little (this is for a developer server, not a production server).

1 – Install and enable APC caching

2 – Setup header expires

3 – Optimise MYSQL with mysqltuner

4 – Enable tmpfs for Cache Storage
(See Post#1, bullet #5)

5 – Enable gzip compression

6 – Enable Caching

I will only recommend enabling caches for the following items if they do not affect your development:

  • Translations
  • Collections Data
  • EAV types and attributes

If you have any more suggestions, please send them to me

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